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Technological perfection

After five years of research, design and development, our team has come up with the most advanced IPTV/OTT platform.

This technologically perfected product will soon find its way into everybody’s home!

Enjoy television!

Any device

You can download the app to almost any device. Visit the official store and find us there.

If you do not have a Smart device, check out our Android 10, Ultra HD set-top-box device.

Internet TV

Explore the power of the internet with our  TV channel browser which imports all those TV channels found, directly from the Internet into our application. 

Insert your own m3u8 list, find a channel by its name, genre or country of origin, the choice is yours!

Gaming console

Take a break and fire up our gaming console! Our set-top-box device is equipped with a powerful chipset and configuration which enables our users to play even the most complex games!

Try it out now!


RSS News

For the first time ever, you can watch your favorite TV channels and read the papers at the same time within one app.

Read the news from hundreds of online portals and never miss anything with TV Live platforms.

cnn logo

And many more news portals are available directly from our app.



Insert your video surveillance feed into the TV channel list and have access to it at any time. If you are interested into importing your own camera feed, contact our team and get more information.

Voice commands

Revolutionary solution in the field of television. Change the channels by calling their name. This feature is going to amaze anybody who tries it. Modernize your home and enjoy the future of the television.

Smart Home

Coming soon…
Command any device in the household from the comfort of your sofa. Use voice commands to control your TV, lights and any piece of tech you have in your home.

And many, many more...